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Fire and Ashes: A Boy and an African Proverb, a picture book by myself and co-author Ahmed Hassan will be out soon. Warfa, a refugee from Somalia, struggles to adapt to his new school. Haunted by traumatic memories, he turns to his grandmother and her sage African proverb: One man fears fire, another man fears ashes. Will Warfa overcome the anxiety from the terrible images seared into his memory and meet his new challenges?

Coming Soon

Turtle Tug of War: A Boundary Waters Counting Book

Enjoy the unique adventure of a fishing trip in the Boundary Waters and count from one to ten and back again. Text that is descriptive and fun is paired with beautiful illustrations that capture the essence of this amazing wilderness. Featuring all the stars of the Boundary Waters – moose, loons, wolves, and a snapping turtle – this book is sure to please!

The Second Book in the Proverb Series of Books:

Watch Where You Step and You Won’t Get Poked by a Thorn

Mahad is quick to get angry and this behavior contributes to trouble he is having with some other boys. His uncle offers an African Proverb and a story about Mahad’s grandfather. Can Mahad put into practice the sage advice of his uncle?

Other Books:

Boundary Waters ABC

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a pristine place. Whether your memory is a backcountry camping adventure or a chance moose encounter, this book will help you share the beauty of the Boundary Waters with your child one letter at a time. They will come to love and preserve this great American wilderness.

(2104) AdventureKeen Publications.

Out of print but contact me for an autographed copy for as long as they last! $14.00 (includes tax) plus $3.00 postage and handling.

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